The greatest danger in time of turbulence is not the turbulence. It is to act with yesterday’s logic.

Peter Drucker

The greatest danger in time of turbulence<br>is not the turbulence.<br>It is to act with yesterday’s logic.

Peter Drucker

The greatest danger in time of turbulence<br>is not the turbulence.<br>It is to act with yesterday’s logic.

Peter Drucker

Innovate, change and
evolve your business.

Are you ready for the next evolutionary stage of your organisation? Do you want to transform your company into an inspirational place that attracts, cultivates and spreads innovation? Do you want to introduce a new way of working that is more productive and focuses on clear objectives? Do you believe that Smart Working is an opportunity for growth and innovation? Do you want to experiment with new methods and technologies like Blockchain or would you like to invest in startups?

How can we support you?

Smart Working


Start a project

Introduce Smart Working
Introducing Smart Working means laying the foundation for a modern organisation, improving productivity, work-life balance and collaboration. It also means reducing costs and creating a better workplace. Thanks to our experiences in the past 5 years, we can guide you through the process of change of organisational culture (behaviour), collaborative technologies (bytes) and workspace (bricks)

Cultural transformation

Develop your people
We help you to introduce processes and techniques that accelerate cultural change and enhance employees’ satisfaction and engagement. Create a workplace that is collaborative and aims at making your people more autonomous. Find and attract talents via social recruiting, implement programmes that will transform your employees into brand ambassadors

Workshop and Training

Inspire your people
We help to design training programmes to develop different skills sets in order to improve communication and (digital) collaboration as well as evolving your organisation in a Smart Working organisation. We organise inspirational sessions and events to inspire managers to shape the organisations of the future

Digital Workplace

Workplace Analytics

Focus on your future
We help you to understand the needs and wishes of your staff in order to direct your organisation towards its future workplace. Combining HR Analytics with interviews with the most important stakeholders results into a clear roadmap that is in line with the strategy of your organisation


Digital Collaboration

Improve communication
We help you to develop solutions to improve internal communication. Together we will work on a new communication model and policy. New processes and the introduction of digital technologies will improve the exchange of information and will enhance collaboration at the office and beyond

Flexible Workspace

Optimise your office experience
We support you in creating an attractive, inspiring and flexible work space that will contribute to the wellbeing and productivity of your people. We will design the layout of the office and the processes that will ensure that there is sufficient room for concentration, collaboration, contemplation and communication.


Pilot projects

Experiment with Blockchain
We help you in setting up a pilot project to experiment with blockchain or distributed ledger technologies. We create a technological framework that helps to optimise processes and enhances transparency and efficiency.

Workshop ed eventi

Introduction to Blockchain
We organise workshops and sessions to explain what the potential impacts of blockchain are and what the latest developments are. We help you to identify processes that can be improved by blockchain.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation Model

We help you to develop Open Innovation models that will create a culture of innovation in your organisation. This will generate ideas and solutions that will bring your organisation to the next level

Scouting Startup

Attract projects and ideas
Thanks to our startup network that includes investors, research center, universities and incubators), we can help you identify innovative business initiatives that you or your company can invest in

Workshop and events

Spread innovation
We organise events (hackathons, startup weekends, workshops) to spread the Open Innovation concept. Our events create the right atmosphere to further develop business ideas. We involve our network of experts and innovators


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