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Brian Solis


our vision

We are an organisation that is continuously developing. Seedble was launched in the age of Digital Transformation with the mission to be an important force of change towards a better future. We are based in Italy, The Netherlands and Switzerland and we promote innovation thanks to a great team and our international community of partners also in  Belgium, Germany, Spain, South Africa and India.

In order to help our clients to innovate and improve, we need to constantly reinvent and improve Seedble as well. If we stop being agile, Digital Darwinism will come for us. So far, we have been able to innovate at multiple levels and we are confident that we will continue to do so.

We work on projects that inspire us, where our skills or experiences can make a difference. Our goal is to find solutions that are both innovative and easy to understand. We don’t work FOR our clients, rather we work WITH them with enthusiasm and ambition.

We like what we do. We like how we do it, because we believe in what we do.


Andrea Solimene

CEO & CoFounder

Giovanni Tufani

CFO & CoFounder

Koen Lukas Hartog

CIO & CoFounder

Alfredo Valentino


Claudia Vitale

ADM Manager

Sara Duranti

SM Manager

Paolo Strangis

Business Strategist

matteo barale



UX / Front-End Developer

Massimiliano Scifo

Back-End Developer

Marta Pisani

Marketing Manager

Roberta Cammarota

Communication Specialist


Innovation Advisor

Alessio Colabuono

Innovation Advisor

Uberto Saltarelli

Business Analyst

Gianmarco Monaco

Innovation Specialist

Spin offs

The Smart Working Book is the first italian ebook about Smart Working

Spremute Digitali is an online magazine on digital innovation and business development, initiated by Seedble

Blockchain Pilots assist a project that assists organisations in discovering the potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). So far, more than 30 Dutch public sector organisations have participated



blendX is the Open Innovation platform that guides and accelerates interactions and matching between organizations and innovators.



Phluid is Seedble’s Innovation Hub designed to facilitate contamination between innovators and organizations and stimulate innovation.

The portal dedicated to Smart Working to project the organization towards new ways of working and collaborating.




Seedble S.r.l. Via Prisciano, 72 00136 Roma P.IVA 12976701008
Rome (Italy) - Den Haag (Netherlands/L’Aia - Paesi Bassi) - Lugano (Svizzera)

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