Innovation Delivered

We accelerate your business

Innovation Delivered

We accelerate your business

Innovation Delivered

We accelerate your business

We accelerate the growth and development of your organisation. We focus on improving your organisational and digital strategy in order to spur growth, making your organisation more innovative, agile and economically sustainable in the process.


Do you work for a STARTUP or do you want to launch one?

We help you in (further) developing your startup, determining the right market position, connecting you to a network of mentors and experts. In addition, we can assist you in finding the required funding for your ambitions.

Validazione idea
Percorso di accelerazione
Growth Hacking

Do you want to innovate the business model of your organisation?

We help in transforming your business using digital technologies and agile methodologies in order to improve the customer experience and optimise processes.

People process
Customer experience
Business improvement

Do you work for a corporate and do you want to prepare for a disruptive future?

We help you in laying the foundation of an organisational transformation that makes your organisation more flexible and innovative.

Smart working
Digital workplace
Open innovation


GROWTH = Awareness x Engagement

Growth is the process in which you assess what you are currently doing and what you would like to do and identify opportunities to improve (AWARENESS). Doing this successfully isn’t possible without the active participation of your team (ENGAGEMENT). We are here to support you.


Andrea Solimene

CEO & CoFounder

Giovanni Tufani

CFO & CoFounder

Koen Lukas Hartog

CIO & CoFounder

We are based in Italy and The Netherlands.
Our team is also our network; a large number of professionals and experts.


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